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Test your trivia knowledge of the iconic 'Johnny Lingo'

A scene from "Johnny Lingo"
A scene from "Johnny Lingo"
BYU Motion Picture Studio

What do you remember about the iconic "Johnny Lingo"?

The movie, produced 40 years ago by the BYU Motion Picture Studio, has claimed a unique place in Mormon culture.

Mormon Times writer Emily Schmuhl talked to Naomi Kahoilua Wilson, who played Mahana, for an article that will be published in our March 6 edition.

In the meantime, let's have some fun with this iconic movie by seeing if you can answer a few trivia questions Naomi Kahoilua Wilson will talk about when the story comes out. And if that doesn't get your cow count all the way to eight, how about giving us your best impression of a famous Lingo line, and we'll put the best ones online for you to listen to.

First the trivia:

How did director Judge Whitaker know that he had finally found his Mahana in Naomi Kahoilua Wilson?

Which cast member did the actress who played Mahana remain closest to over the years?

Which cast member is a classical pianist? Which actor is an opera singer?

How are the movie and Army Intelligence connected?

Now for the impressions. Just call 801-236-6044 and record your name, where you're from, and your best impression of a line from the movie. Here are a few lines to choose from unless you already have something in mind picked out.

Moki: Mahana, you ugly!

Wife 1: I'm a four-cow wife, myself.

Wife 2: Really? My husband paid five cows for me.

Wife 1: Hmph.

Johnny: Three cows is many but not enough for Mahana. I will pay eight cows.

Mr. Harris: Johnny Lingo, you drive a hard bargain.

Mean village boys: Johnny Lingo had a cow, trade it for an ugly wife! Johnny Lingo's married now, he'll be sorry all his life!

Moki: You cheat me! She's worth 10 cows! You cheat me! You cheat me!