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UHP dash camera video shows trooper-involved fatal crash in St. George

The Utah Highway Patrol released the dash cam video Monday from a March crash in which a trooper's car struck another vehicle, killing two St. George women.

Trooper Lars Gardner was responding to a March 10 fatal crash on I-15 near Cedar City when his patrol car struck a passenger vehicle occupied by Ila Jean Moore, 75, and her sister, Karen Gummow, 71.

The video shows the view from the trooper's patrol car speeding down River Road, east of I-15 in St. George, as a passenger vehicle made a left-hand turn in front of the patrol car. According to dash-cam indicators, the trooper had his lights flashing and tried to brake when the other vehicle started to turn in front of him.

UHP Sgt. Jeff Nigbur said the trooper lives in the area and had been off duty when the fatal I-15 crash occurred and he was called in.

St. George police investigated the crash, and the Washington County Attorney's Office announced April 7 that it would not file charges against the trooper.

Nigbur said the UHP is still wondering if something could have been done to avoid the accident.

"This has been hotly debated," Nigbur said. "We didn't want this to happen, and we sure don't want this to happen again. This is one of those times when you could play the 'what if' game.

"I think the main message is that it's a horrible tragedy," he said.

— Lana Groves