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Portraits of the past: Villages in Vermont

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Over a period of a few years, Joseph Smith Sr. and his wife, Lucy Mack Smith, twice lived somewhere in the township of Royalton, Vt. Even when the Prophet Joseph Smith was born in Sharon, Vt., much of the farm on which the Smiths were living was on the Royalton side of the township line. Many have written that the township line at that time bisected the home in which the Prophet was born. Subsequent realignments have left that line just outside the foundations on which the home was situated. Friends and relatives of Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith lived somewhere in Royalton, but it is difficult to know exactly where. Within the township of Royalton were three villages. Views of two of those villages are seen here. The village of South Royalton, right, is adjacent to the White River. The white building, above, is located in the village of Royalton just a few miles from South Royalton. The date on the exterior of the building, the Royalton Academy, is 1807; Joseph Smith was born in late 1805.

— Kenneth Mays