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Man investigated in teen's death asked friend to 'bring a car, don't ask questions,' warrant states

OGDEN — Search warrants briefly unsealed in the Alexis Rasmussen case Tuesday allege that Eric Millerberg's friends said he asked them to "bring a car and don't ask any questions" the night the teenager went missing.

Eric and Dea Millerberg have been named as persons of interest in the death of 16-year-old Alexis, whose body was found in a rural part of Morgan County Oct. 18. Alexis was last seen Sept. 10, when she was baby-sitting the Millerbergs' two young daughters.

Search warrants obtained Tuesday by the Standard-Examiner indicate that two friends of Eric Millerberg told investigators he called them the night Rasmussen went missing and asked about a car and help to get rid of something.

One of them later told police: "I can't believe he killed a little girl," the Standard-Examiner said, quoting the search warrant. The warrants were apparently served Oct. 9.

The warrants also said Alexis was "partying with the Millerbergs" and had been paid for her baby-sitting services with drugs, the newspaper reported on its website. Dea Millerberg, accompanied by Alexis, also allegedly sold some prescription drugs to one of Alexis' friends for $100 and "a small amount of marijuana" on the night she was baby-sitting.

Security surveillance videos showed Alexis and Dea Millerberg around 10:20 p.m. on Sept. 10 at a Layton-area Walgreen's store, where they reportedly went to pick up a prescription.

One search warrant affidavit stated that human blood was found in the Millerbergs' home in an area where the carpet and padding had been removed, ABC-4 reported on its website. Investigators also found a car sold by Eric Millerberg to someone in Utah County. The carpet had apparently been removed from the trunk of the car.

Court officials said the Weber County Attorney's Office filed a motion to seal the search warrants Tuesday, shortly after they were released to at least one media outlet. Second District Court Judge Michael Lyon signed the motion, preventing further release of the documents.

The same witness who said Eric Millerberg asked him to "bring a car and don't ask any questions" also told police that a 16-year-old girl had requested that Eric Millerberg "shoot her up" with drugs and that she wanted to have a "threesome" with the couple, the TV station reported.

Neighbors of the Millerbergs have previously said they believe the couple may have paid some baby-sitters with drugs.

Both Eric and Dea Millerberg were arrested and charged with drug-related violations around the time Alexis was reported missing. Dea Milerberg is facing two felony counts of falsely obtaining a prescription. Eric Millerberg violated parole by using drugs and was sentenced to zero to five years in prison Oct. 25.

Attorneys have reported that they anticipate both Millerbergs will be charged in the coming weeks in connection with Alexis' death. Prosecutors say they are waiting for a full autopsy to be completed.

Alexis, who was described by family and friends as someone who was smart, beautiful and capable of making "a big difference," was buried Oct. 29.

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