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Michelle King: A new perspective for the new year on Mormon Times TV

I often find myself telling people to "have a good day" when I know that, frequently, it's a hard thing to pull off. Some days, things just seem to go wrong. But it's all a matter of perspective.

About a year ago, a close acquaintance was having trouble seeing any "good" in his days. So I gave him a little notebook and asked him to try an experiment. I suggested he write down one line every night about how he saw the hand of God manifest in his life that day.

It's been a year now. He's still keeping his list, and his outlook has changed. Whether it's noticing how he's improved his talents or simply how he had the capacity to get everything done, he's looking at his days in a positive way.

That's a change of perspective. He's making it happen, and it's making a big difference in his life.

In our Mormon Times TV show this Sunday, Jan. 1, popular author Emily Freeman will be visiting to talk about loving life and "seeing" good days. She'll give us tips for changing our outlook so that every day can be a great one.

Speaking of change, all of the LDS Church curriculum and themes are changing in 2012. Priesthood and Relief Society, Sunday School, teenagers and Primary children all have brand-new study materials. We'll give you a preview and also detail a few new additions to the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet.

One resolution you might have for the new year is to do better at reading the Book of Mormon together as a family. Scripture study can be fun and meaningful ... and we'll have some ideas so you can make it happen.

Plus, we'll continue our look at the history of some of our early temples. This week, we'll feature the Oakland California Temple.

The Mormon Times television show airs Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on KSL-TV following the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast. It can also be viewed online at Just click on "Mormon Times" on the light blue header at the top, where you can see past episodes. You can also follow us on Facebook at

Michelle King is the host of Mormon Times TV, which airs Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on KSL.