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ArmyKnowledgeBase.com website serves members of the military

SHARE ArmyKnowledgeBase.com website serves members of the military

A military veteran in Sandy is on a mission to serve her fellow servicemen and women.

U.S. Army Captain Jasmine Ozuna, in conjunction with Audix Business Services, is working to develop a website to connect members of the military and their families with information about benefits, services and other resources available to them.

The website, www.ArmyKnowledgeBase.com, is free and currently available to anyone who wants information about topics such as pay and entitlements for military servicemen and women, G.I. Bill benefits and current Army regulations.

Ozuna, now a stay-at-home mother in Sandy, said she wanted to find a way to help soldiers to get connected.

“(The website) is a work in progress. I just wanted to put something out there that would help people,” she said.

Ozuna completed nine years of military service from 2002 through 2011 in human resources. After completing her term of service, she stayed in touch with the friends she’d made.

During conversations with other military veterans and personnel still on active duty, Ozuna discovered that many had questions that were going unanswered.

She spent two months working on the website before it was launched in January.

ArmyKnowledgeBase.com is designed to serve as a resource for current information.

The site also provides a space for readers, including family members and friends of military personnel, to submit questions and receive prompt feedback.

The website is an open resource and doesn’t require any kind of membership or sign-in to use.

The website went online after Audix, a business information services company located in Sandy, donated technical support to launch the site with a content management system.

The system was created so that Ozuna can add information to the website on an ongoing basis, even though she has no previous experience as a web master.

Audix Business Services spokesperson Aisza Wilde said the company got involved to give back to the large military community in the state of Utah.

She said she also wanted to help with the website because the idea was such a good one.

“I have family in the military,” she said. “I just know how difficult it is (to find information).”

Now that the website is online, Ozuna is working to answer questions posted to the site and keep the content updated.

Ozuna said she hopes that the website would “help the little person” by saving soldiers hours of research and time spent learning about their legal rights.

— JM Martin