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Farmington siblings plan fun run to raise money for Peru

FARMINGTON — Three siblings, ages 12 through 19, are working to organize a Cinco de Mayo fun run in Farmington.

The Eagle Condor 5K for Cusco is designed to raise money for Peruvian children.

After organizing the event, Cait, 19, Nick, 14, and Jake Miller, 12, plan to travel to Cusco, Peru, to deliver newborn kits and school supply kits and to work on other service projects there, said their father, David Miller.

The event is part of an Eagle Scout project for Nick and Jake. Now a student at Weber State University, Cait is a former Davis High School track and cross-country runner, who runs marathons.

The run has been approved as a sanctioned USA Track & Field race and approved by the city of Farmington, David Miller said.

All race money will be used to purchase the humanitarian kits, and any excess funds will be donated to the Eagle Condor Humanitarian Foundation, a Utah-based organization, which according to its website works with volunteers who help in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.

Last year’s Farmington Miss Congeniality, Cait will spend a month with Peruvian children on an internship this summer. Her brothers are preparing the humanitarian kits to take to Cusco and spend a week in service as part of their Eagle Scout projects.

The 5K race is set for May 5 at 9 a.m. starting at the Farmington city offices, and will follow the regular Farmington Festival Days 5K.