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Homework on thumb drive leads police to burglary suspect

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Dallas Naljahih

Dallas Naljahih

, Utah County Sheriff’s Office

OREM — Police did some homework to track down a man who they said burglarized a home and assaulted the homeowner.

The 18-year-old left behind a backpack containing a USB drive, which had his homework on it, early Saturday after he entered Larry Jeffrey's home and stole a camera, according to Orem Police Sgt. Craig Martinez.

Jeffrey, 75, had woken up and noticed a light was on in his home office. He said he thought it might be his wife in the room, but he looked and saw her asleep next to him.

Jeffrey found a man going through drawers in the room. The man closed the door on Jeffrey, who made his way back in. That's when the man allegedly hit Jeffrey in the face before fleeing.

“He hit me in the eye, broke my glasses," Jeffrey said. "Then he hit me a second one right there in the eye, too."

When police arrived, Martinez said they found a backpack on Jeffrey's lawn. There was no ID in it, but there was a USB drive. The drive contained homework assignments with the name Dallas Naljahih.

Police tracked Naljahih down and found him asleep on a couch. They say he was drunk, had a stolen camera from Jeffrey’s home near him and also had some drug paraphernalia.

Naljahih was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of burglary, theft, assault, illegal consumption by a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia

Jeffrey was not injured, and the camera was returned to him.

Naljahih allegedly entered the home through an unlocked window. Martinez said the incident should serve as a cautionary tale for residents.

"Lock your windows and doors, folks."

Randall Jeppesen