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Police say North Ogden corn salesman made up story about being robbed, shot

NORTH OGDEN — A man who claimed to have been robbed and shot while selling corn over the weekend actually shot himself and made up the story to avoid embarrassment, police said.

Dusty Moore, 30, called police Saturday claiming that a man had entered his corn stand at 1920 N. Washington Blvd. and demanded money. Moore told police he was later shot while the alleged robber fled on foot.

Police determined after an investigation that Moore accidentally discharged his firearm, with the bullet hittting him in the lower back. Police also concluded that the corn stand had not been robbed.

Police said Moore told them he reported the robbery to save himself the embarrassment of shooting himself. Moore was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital, police said.

Instead of an aggravated robbery, police now are investigating the case as an accidental discharge of a firearm. Moore also could be charged with making a false report to police.

Julian Reyes

Twitter: @_JulianReyes_