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Utah parents interested in choice can make their voices heard


In July of this year, parents from more than 30 states gathered in Washington, D.C., as representatives for the National Coalition of Public School Options.

The three-day event included discussions, demonstrations, coalition training and online course demonstrations. In addition to the parents who attended, there were also numerous congressional staff members. The purpose of the gathering was to promote choice in public education through traditional, charter, home or online schools.

The highlight of the event was a panel discussion of graduates from virtual online schools, home schools and charter schools. Three outstanding young people spoke about the success they experienced in alternative education.

A philosophy promoted throughout the conference was that public education funds should follow the child into whatever educational arena that works best for them. By allowing and supporting choice in education, opportunities are created for greater quality in education everywhere. Public Schools Options seeks to promote awareness and support for choice in education throughout America.

I represented the Utah coalition. It was a privilege to be among parents from all over the nation that were so actively involved in finding the best education available for their children.

Utah parents interested in choice can make their voices heard by supporting the Utah Coalition. Your voice is powerful. Your voice is needed.

Michelle Roberts

Spanish Fork