At long last, the fun and satisfying documentary “Linsanity” is (finally) coming to a theater near you.

Largely filmed during the 2011-12 NBA season, the family-friendly and Christian-centric film about NBA player Jeremy Lin’s ascendancy debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January. On Oct. 4 it will open nationally in seven major media markets. “Linsanity” will also play once in 20 other cities, such as an Oct. 10 engagement in Salt Lake City.

“What makes the documentary feel like a breath of fresh air is the first hour or so, in which director Evan Jackson Leong faithfully retraces the progression of Lin’s childhood and family upbringing,” the Deseret News reported from Sundance in January. “Even though its title is eponymous with a cultural meme built around basketball, the most insightful revelations in ‘Linsanity’ have much more to do with faith than sports.”

The Christian Post published a Q&A with Lin on Wednesday. When reporter Alex Murashko asked Lin to identify the most important aspect of his relationship with Jesus, Lin responded, “The most important part is the relationship itself. When you think about your relationship with Christ, it really just affects every aspect of your life. I think a lot of people try to segment off, like, 'This is church so this is God, this is my daily life, this is my job,' but I think true faith is when it manifests itself in every single aspect of your life.”

In a Q&A with Slate that also ran Wednesday, Lin said, “The longer I live, I understand that there are so many things outside my control. That’s why I believe faith is such a big part of the story. There are so many things that were orchestrated by God, that were put into place to make this perfect storm, that created Linsanity.”