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Utah-based 'Kid History' collaborates with singing legend Josh Groban

Growing up making home videos, the Roberts brothers never expected that they would go viral on YouTube through their Bored Shorts TV channel or that they would one day film with singer/songwriter Josh Groban. But after Groban shared one of the Utah group's "Kid Snippets" videos on Facebook, the collaboration began.

The communication started back in December of last year when Groban shared the "Drivers Ed" episode and stated, "This is my new favorite online laughy thing."

Then the creators decided to contact Groban to see if he'd be interested in collaborating, and they were thrilled by his reply.

"We eventually got information to contact his agent, and when she got in touch with us, it all got set in motion pretty quickly," Brett Roberts told the Deseret News. "He has been incredibly nice and has been very quick to communicate and respond once we established direct lines of communication. Before meeting him, we chatted over the phone about 'Kid Snippets' episodes, etc. (He's an) extremely nice person."

Groban even sent a personal message on Facebook to the Bored Shorts TV group, inviting them all to his concert in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, all of the Richards brothers were out of town, but partner Richard Sharrah was able to meet with Groban.

"He called Richard, and he got to go hang out with Josh and watch his show," Roberts said.

The "Kid History" team then set up a time to fly out to New York City to meet with Groban and film two "Kid Snippets." The second video has not yet been released, and additional videos with Groban could also happen.

"He seemed to have an enjoyable time filming with us and has expressed a desire to collaborate again in the future," Roberts said.

As for the brother's filming with Groban, Roberts said they couldn't have had a better experience.

"Filming with Josh was an absolute pleasure. It was like hanging out with a good friend," Roberts said. "He was legitimately excited that we brought food for him to snack on during filming breaks. No demands, no special treatment. We joked around and laughed. Although he was very professional and clearly knew what he was doing, he did not make us feel inferior to the many professional filming sets he has appeared on for broadcast television."

This is the first time "Kid History" has collaborated with a celebrity, but because of the success with Groban, Roberts hopes it will open doors for other opportunities.

"This is hopefully the start of a new trend," Roberts said. "This video is getting some really positive exposure for Josh, and we hope his positive experience working with us will lead to other celebrities wanting the same opportunity to show their funny side."

Watch for new "Kid Snippets" every Tuesday on YouTube.