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Michelle King: Best mobile apps for gospel use, on 'Mormon Times TV'

Paper versus electronic. That’s still a difficult choice for an old-school gal like me. I like my paper calendars and planners — a tough pill to swallow for my husband, who’s a technological genius! Sure, my large-print scriptures feel like they weigh as much as a bowling ball, but I love flipping through the weathered pages and reading the margin notes to which I’ve been adding for years. Although I’ve enjoyed starting fresh with a new set of scriptures, I still return to those I’ve had for decades because those notes remind me of special lessons given and important lessons learned.

Still, it’s important to embrace new technology, as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has done. On this Sunday’s edition of “Mormon Times TV,” technology specialist Jessica Foust will be along to show us all the many ways you can use your mobile devices to access gospel materials — and we’re not just talking scriptures.

Also on our Sunday, March 3, show, the LDS Church just announced an additional 58 new missions — bringing the total to 405 — as prospective missionaries by the thousands are submitting their papers. We’ll take a look at this story from both sides. You’ll meet a younger sister, excited to enter the Missionary Training Center. And we’ll chat with a mission president and his wife in the field to see what kinds of preparations are being made to receive the increased numbers of missionaries.

Plus you’ll see how a local family — grieving the shocking loss of their teenage daughter — has found unique ways to heal through helping others.

And former University of Utah basketball star Mitch Smith talks about his conversion story — 10 years in the making. You’ll see how the love of a patient wife and the example of a stalwart coach made all the difference.

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