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Michelle King: Ultimate forgiveness, on 'Mormon Times TV'

I was always brought up to believe that when you owe a debt, you pay it — and you pay promptly. My parents taught us to be fiscally conservative — if you don’t have the money for something, you don’t buy it, you wait until you’ve saved the full amount. I’m grateful for that philosophy.

So, many years ago, I found myself feeling quite uneasy when a few of my self-employed husband’s business clients owed him substantial amounts of money for work he’d already performed. They’d signed the contract and paid some of the money up front but, when the balance was due, payment was never made. They said they were broke and disappeared.

To say I was bothered by this was an understatement. I kept thinking how unfair it was — that he’d spent countless hours in their behalf on the promise of reimbursement for his services, yet they didn’t pay then, or ever. Sad to say, it took me quite some time to forgive them in my heart.

This Easter Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see the amazing story of a family who forgave much more than a debt. The Beecher family basically pardoned a man for killing their mother in a car crash. In fact, they’ve done more than you can imagine to help the man’s family and engulf them with love and support. And the offender himself has found forgiveness and a way to overcome grief and guilt. You won’t want to miss this incredible story.

Also on March 31, popular speaker, professor and author Brad Wilcox will be with us to discuss how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can lift our burdens.

And you’ll see how the Savior’s sacrifice can help us feel peace when life doesn’t go as we plan. In the case of inspiring young mother Christina Hoehn, an early stroke actually drew her family closer together.

Plus you’ll also see why and how we should share the stories of our lives with those we love. It’s a great way to make cherished connections — and it’s easier than you might think.

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