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'MythBusters' to descend on Utah's red rock country

MOAB — Utah's scenic and diverse landscapes are an alluring backdrop for movie makers, and now the science- and thrills-based "MythBusters" has picked the Desolation Canyon area to film an upcoming episode.

Officials with the popular Discovery Channel show are keeping mum about the "myth" to be busted or proven — the trick is to tantalize the viewers — but a Bureau of Land Management document details two curious components: duct tape and bubble wrap.

Beyond that, the canyon–versus–man episode is expected to showcase the rugged terrain of the Desolation Canyon Wilderness Study Area and feature rollicking romps along the Colorado and Green rivers.

The filming is taking place in up to eight locations and will wrap up within a 10-day time frame, said Lisa Bryant, acting field manager with the BLM's Moab Field Office.

Strict time limits are set on film or movie permits in wilderness study areas to limit impacts to the environment, Bryant said.

The permit for "MythBusters," signed Friday and issued this week, encompasses activities that would otherwise already be allowed in a wilderness study area, such as hiking or climbing.

Bryant said because of the scenic qualities of Utah's red rock country, commercial film permits are are key component of BLM activities at the Moab office, which encompasses 1.8 million acres.

"Especially in the spring or fall, I assign anywhere from one to four a week for review," Bryant said. "It is about 100 or so each year that include commercials and small photo shoots."

Review of the permits is a necessary function of the BLM's public land management responsibilities, ensuring that recipients comply with the appropriate safeguards to minimize disruption of the environment.

"It's a pretty constant source of activity," she said, "but we're happy to do it. It is fabulous scenery down here, and we want to totally support the Utah Film Commission and others in promoting the state."

The "MythBusters" canyon episode will likely be offered during the show's 10th anniversary season, which begins May 1.

Special effects hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take myths, urban legends or tall tales and put them them to the test. Other co-hosts include Kari Byron and Grant Imahara.

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