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Deseret Bookshelf app allows users to access their gospel libraries anywhere

Deseret Bookshelf
Deseret Bookshelf
Deseret Bookshelf

When it comes to using a digital version of the LDS scriptures, the Deseret Bookshelf app provides that option, alongside other content produced by Deseret Book.

The app was created specifically to hold an entire LDS gospel library, scriptures, and other books and reference materials in the same place. Not only are these works housed in the same location, but users are allowed to easily search all of their content.

Additionally, Deseret Bookshelf can now be accessed on all computers and devices with the updated web version.

The app is free, and once downloaded automatically provides the LDS Standard Works and eight other free e-books, such as "Jesus the Christ," "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith," "Lectures on Faith," "Discourses of Brigham Young" and "The Miracle of Forgiveness."

In an interview with the Deseret News, Dallas Petersen, Deseret Book's digital product director, commented on the trend of using digital products while attending services for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"There is a trend in consumer preference," Petersen said. "Go to church and you see people with tablets. People are noticing the convenience of having that opposed to all of the lesson manuals."

Several user-friendly changes have also been made to the app in hopes of improving the user experience. Petersen said that the Bookshelf app was created to improve personal scripture and gospel study, and provide a convenient resource for lesson and talk preparations.

"We want to support people who are teaching and speaking and other things LDS people do," Petersen said.

The Deseret Bookshelf app currently offers more than 2,200 titles available for download. Some of the well-known authors include John Bytheway, Sheri Dew, Gerald N. Lund, Emily Watt and others.

Also with the Bookshelf app, books like Elder David A. Bednar's "Increase in Learning" and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's "For Times of Trouble," which have DVDs to complement the print edition, include video clips within the download itself rather than on a DVD.

Recently, Deseret Book has also produced an app titled LDS Quotes. This app sends a short quote each day to all compatible devices. More than 2,000 quotes are also stored in the app, which can be searched by topic as well.