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Utah Jazz: Breaking down free agency, the 2012-13 Jazz roster and the future

The Utah Jazz ended their season Wednesday, and many questions remain as to what will happen moving forward.

The mood in the locker room as the team cleaned house Thursday was somewhat somber. Jazz players said they regretted not making this year's NBA playoffs and the potential dissolution of this team. The relationships that have grown between Jazz players this year were strong, and now the 15 players on Utah's roster are not likely to all be on the same roster at the same time ever again in their NBA careers.

This year's team featured eight unrestricted free agents. These free agents will have to negotiate a contract with one of the 30 NBA teams out there in order to play next season, and obviously, some players will be more expensive than others.

Additionally, one player holds an option to return to the Jazz if he chooses, and three players are under a team option to return next year if the Jazz want them back. For two Jazz men, the 2013-14 year will be a contract year, and one player has been signed through 2014-15.

Who are the free agents as well as those with an option, and how likely are they to return to Salt Lake City? The Deseret News sports staff breaks it down.