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Michelle King: Bridging the LDS, non-LDS divide — on 'Mormon Times TV'

When we lived in the Atlanta area, I was astounded at the youths there — they were so respectful of adults. Always. If you’d ask a child a question — and we’re talking anyone from kindergarten to high school age — they’d always answer, “Yes, ma’am,” or “Yes, sir.” And that included everyone — no matter what their gender, ethnicity or religion. I smiled for the first several months when I’d hear these responses, because they were so polite. I wondered if our teenage son would pick up that admirable "habit" while we were there. He did. And I loved it.

Unfortunately, many of us — including children — are not as mindful when it comes to showing proper respect to those with other beliefs. This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” parenting experts Richard and Linda Eyre will be along to show us how to better teach this important value of respect in our homes.

Chrisy Ross will also be on the show. She’s written a book on her experience moving to Utah as a non-Mormon. Although she’s managed to figure out and understand the LDS culture, there can sometimes be a “divide” between those who are a part of Mormon congregations and those who aren’t. She’ll share ideas for respecting and befriending your nonmember neighbors without offending them.

Also on our April 28 show, you’ll see how the high school hoopster who won the title of Utah’s “Mr. Basketball” won’t even be at his own graduation. You’ll see why this Lone Peak High School star has chosen faith over fame.

Plus Brigham Young University students know and love their comedy troupe, “Divine Comedy.” But many members of that group have gone on to television fame on BYUtv’s new show, “Studio C.” And it’s drawing in young and old alike with weekly clean comedy for the whole family. You’ll see what’s so funny when you meet the core cast.

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