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Reactions to 'I'm a Mormon' campaign in UK (+video)

Pictures of smiling people on bright backgrounds and the phrase "I'm a Mormon" have arrived at transportation spots in the U.K. and Ireland.

Released earlier this month, the "I'm a Mormon" campaign is hard to miss. In a new video released by the newsroom, several commuters discuss their reactions to the campaign while several views of the advertisements are shown. Mormon performer and London native Alex Boye also reacts to the campaign in his hometown located near a new digital billboard, which is described as being 60 feet wide and 15 feet high.

"It's definitely the biggest promotion that the church has ever done in the UK," Boye said in the video. "I tell you what, I wish I was a missionary right now. I'd have a field day, I'd just stand here all day and say, 'That's my people right there. Here's a book. Do you want to know more about it?’ ”

According to the news release, 250 double-decker buses feature the advertisements, along with the Charing Cross mainline station and 10 tube stations. The advertisements will be displayed for four weeks, and throughout the rest of the U.K. and Ireland, Internet advertisements will remain up through the end of 2013.

While the LDS Church has begun to receive a lot of attention for the campaign, several commuters in London were asked about their thoughts on the new advertisements.

"I thought it was saying to me that Mormons are normal people," one commuter said in the video.

As a member of the LDS Church in London and a ward missionary, Jessica Watts and her husband have been preparing for the release of the campaign for months.

"As ward missionaries we have been working alongside the full-time missionaries to not only prepare the members of the ward for what the campaign would be, but also to deal with questions they might be asked."

In relation to the new campaign, a specific website has also been created for those located in the U.K.