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Brother David L. Beck: 'Your Sacred Duty to Minister'

Asking young Aaronic Priesthood holders in the congregation at the priesthood session if they know what it means to minister to others, Brother David L. Beck, Young Men general president, told of a young woman who, when she started high school last year, was victimized by bullying.

"Fortunately for Chy, there were young men at her school who understood what it means to minister," Brother Beck said.

Unsuccessful at her initial attempts to stop the bullying, Chy's mother asked Carson Jones, an Aaronic Priesthood holder who was the starting quarterback of the football team to help find out who was doing the bullying. He did more than that; he enlisted his teammates to join him in ministering to Chy.

They invited her to sit with them at lunch, and walked her to class to make sure she was safe. Enjoying a championship season, they invited her to join them on the field after the games.

"Chy's mother calls these young men 'angels in disguise,'" Brother Beck said. "Carson and his friends are quick to say that Chy has blessed their lives much more than they blessed hers. That's what happens when you lose yourself in serving others — you find yourself. You change and grow in ways that would not be possible otherwise."

Brother Beck reminded his listeners they received the power, authority and sacred duty to minister the moment they were ordained to the priesthood.

"Start in your own home," he suggested. "This is where you can do your most important ministering." He invited them to respond to their mothers' help around the house by saying, "Thank you for asking, Mom. I would love to help."

"You minister as you speak kind words to family members," he added. "You minister as you treat your siblings like your best friends.

"Perhaps most important, you minister as you assist your father in his duties as the spiritual leader in your home."

Young priesthood bearers also have a duty to minister in their quorums, Brother Beck said.

"The scriptures teach that Aaronic Priesthood quorums are to sit in council and edify — or build up and strengthen one another," he said.

"The work of ministering is not confined to ordinances or home teaching visits or occasional service projects," he noted. "We are always priesthood men — we have a duty to minister wherever we stand. Ministering is not just something we do — it defines who we are."