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Michelle King: From foster care to forever family, on 'Mormon Times TV'

“Children deserve to be safe, with enough to eat, in a warm bed; without abuse, neglect or fear. They deserve a loving family who holds them in their heart.” That's what the Utah Foster Care website states. So true.

And I was deeply touched when I visited the household of Kim and Rob Gerlach — a couple who took in four foster children, met their needs and then adopted them all. It’s only fitting the Gerlachs are featured on the local foster care website and on our show this Sunday. On "Mormon Times TV," you’ll see how they feel about the challenges and blessings of foster care — and how love and a leap of faith were key in making it all work.

Also on May 19, another amazing family talks about their great loss and willingness to forgive. You’ll see how Nathan and Brenda Toone are working through their difficult trial — losing two young daughters just days apart.

Quite an engineering feat for the new Provo City Center Utah Temple, ravaged by fire over a year ago. You’ll see why the exterior shell makes the building look like it’s floating.

Plus grandparenting expert Lauralee Christensen shows us the variety of ways that senior couple missionaries can stay in touch with their families while they’re away.

Marie Osmond has a new book out — focusing on the ideals she learned from her mother. You’ll find out what those key values are and how they helped the entertainer survive the ups and downs of life.

And you’ll see the latest way that BYUtv is trying to get entire families to sit down and watch television together.

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