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Book review: 'Second Chances' shows how lost love can be found again

"SECOND CHANCES," by Melanie Jacobson, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 216 pages (f)

Melanie Jacobson's fifth romantic novel titled "Second Chances" shows how a love once thought to have been lost forever can be found again — perhaps when you least expect it to be.

Louisa Gibson, a strong-willed entrepreneur who resides in Huntington Beach, Calif., is taking matters into her own hands when she starts working for a new marketing firm — her own. Her new project, "The Mormon Bachelor," is a reality dating web series she hopes will bring attention and growth to her marketing firm. Although Huntington Beach is filled with eligible Mormon men and women, they all seem to be lacking something — they don't know how to date. Louisa hopes to help others find love instead of just friendship, something she is too familiar with.

A few days before filming is set to begin, the guy chosen to be the Mormon Bachelor gets a girlfriend. Desperate to find a replacement in a hurry, Louisa reluctantly calls on her ex-boyfriend because she believes he would be perfect for the part. Her ex, Nick, is now a successful actor and has been in a couple of well-known commercials. Although she hasn't seen him in person in a few years, Louisa thinks he is also shallow and full of himself.

As "The Mormon Bachelor" goes according to plan by going viral, Louisa didn't expect anything else to go wrong — until one of the bachelorettes is unable to go on a date with Nick. She is then forced to be a cast member on her own show. Nick tries hard to re-establish their friendship and pick up where they left off when they ended their relationship. However, Louisa is determined to keep her distance and isn't willing to see the new, more mature Nick. And when she is, her friend and business partner, shows her it might just wreck their project. What is a girl suppose to do when someone she once thought wasn't her match just may end up being the one for her in the end?

This book is filled with creativity throughout, including unique dates in "The Mormon Bachelor." Along with Jacobson's other novels, the book is fairly predictable but still makes for an enjoyable read. The main characters of the book each have very different personalities, adding lots of entertaining and memorable moments.

"Second Chances" is a typical romantic novel and is worth reading. Jacobson proves yet again she knows what she is writing about and how to win the hearts of young, hopeless romantics.

Kylie Lewis is a freelance writer for the Deseret News. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Idaho, receiving a bachelor's degree in communications.