What parents should consider when seeing “Iron Man 3."

Violence: Being an action/superhero film, there is a lot of fighting with weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. Even though some of the characters die on screen, there is not much blood in the film. Some people are injected with a substance that changes their bodies. Some characters can heat up and melt things, including humans. Some people have limbs taken off, some of which grow back. A house is blown up using missiles fired from helicopters while people are in the house. There are many explosions.

Sensuality: Women are playing ping-pong in swimsuits. Two women are found in bed in lingerie. Pepper says Tony should join her in the shower but not suggestively. Tony takes a woman to his hotel room insinuating they will be intimate. Most of Tony’s comments are meant to be comical. There is some kissing during the film but the only nudity is a shirtless man during a fight scene.

Language/drinking/smoking: There are only a few instances of profanity. There is a scene in a local bar. One character almost always has a beer in his hands. The same character mentions having drugs supplied to him for recreational use.

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