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Lindsey Stirling performs on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Utah YouTube and Internet sensation Lindsey Stirling was asked to perform her original song, "Crystallize," on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" last Tuesday.

Stirling, a violinist, performed alongside two professional dancers, former contestants on "So You Think You Can Dance" and newly engaged couple Allison Hawker and Steven Twitch Boss. Stirling recently released a behind-the-scenes video in which she expressed her excitement to do a live performance on the show.

"I am a big fan of 'So You Think You Can Dance,' and Allison and Twitch were some of my favorite dancers to ever be on the show," Stirling posted. "So it was so cool when I found out they loved my song and they wanted to dance to it. Then it was even more awesome when they asked me to perform live with them."

Stirling was among other prestigious performers, including Grammy-winner Michael Bublé who performed "Come Dance with Me" on Tuesday night's show.

But connecting with celebrities is something that Stirling has continued to do as her own celebrity status continues to grow. Stirling recently performed with Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dog) and also recently signed with Lady Gaga's manager.

Steve Holden with BBC News reached out to Stirling regarding her latest decision and the changes it may cause. But Stirling assured Holden and fans that she will remain as a YouTube artist.

"I'm going to continue using the model I've always used," Stirling told Holden over the phone. "It's not: 'I used that to build my career and now I'm going to jump over to a major record label.' When you're a YouTuber you have a creative control because it's just you and your audience."