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Movie trailer released for film about Mormon missionaries kidnapped in Russia

Utah filmmaker Garrett Batty has released the first trailer of his movie "The Saratov Approach" retelling the story of two Mormon missionaries who were kidnapped in Russia more than 15 years ago.

The production of the film was first announced last August, and it is set to be released this fall. Familiar faces from popular LDS movies can be seen in the film starring Corbin Allred, from "Saints and Soldiers," as well as Maclain Nelson as seen in "One Good Man."

Last year, Batty reunited the two missionaries, Andrew Propst and Travis Tuttle, to discuss the potential for a feature film. While Batty had been interested in the true story as a film for some time, he knew it was important to let the young men heal.

"It is a very human story, a life and death struggle," Batty told the Deseret News. "These are experiences that ought to be shared."

The film will reveal personal situations and conversations between the young men along with details that have been excluded in the media coverage.

Both men have since continued on with their lives, have married and are raising their own children who are preparing to serve LDS missions, believing their experience helped them become who they are today.

"In hindsight, no matter what happened, I knew that everything would work out," Tuttle said. "It has changed my life. It was not just another day. It has made me a better person."