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Oasis Cafe - Speaking on Business


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Located in the heart of Salt Lake City on 150 South 500 East, Oasis Caf provides a "refreshing, authentic retreat for the senses." Perhaps best known for its healthy and creative cuisine, the caf also boasts its fairly-priced handcrafted meals. Local favorite dinner and dessert items include: butter-poached king crab, beef tenderloin medallions, toasted brie sandwich, German pancake with blueberry compote, vegan chocolate cake with soy ice cream and upside down peach cobbler.

Joel and Jill LaSalle, who have owned and operated the restaurant for 10 years, estimate that Oasis Caf now feeds around 20,000 people each month. This restaurant accommodates many customers while maintaining a private feel because it has four areas of dining with different settings. The beautiful covered patio dining and breezeway are separated by the stylish main dining room inside and adjacent to the small flower-filled courtyard.

With an extensive wine list and a full bar for those that prefer cocktails or a beer, this restaurant draws a variety of eaters and leaves its guests with an enjoyable, rejuvenating feeling.