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Images of world sport: ‘You’ve got room’ the theme for Tuesday’s top shots

SHARE Images of world sport: ‘You’ve got room’ the theme for Tuesday’s top shots

Baseball players hear it all the time. "You've got room." Sometimes, though, when safe space has disappeared but the play can still be made, athletes go for it anyway.

Such fearless/reckless abandon was widespread and caught on camera Tuesday, as multiple sports saw athletes stretched to their figurative and the field's literal limits, respectively.

Some were successful. Others weren't. Among the most spectacular of the latter, all of which can be viewed in the attached photo gallery above, are the following:

— Give it up for Texas Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz, who was captured at the end of a head-over-heels catch attempt on what ended up being a home run. "A" for effort, to say the least.

— Ditto for Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. His attempt to field a foul ball was successful, and it resulted in an unintentional interaction with the fans who, hopefully, were aware of the danger that comes with front-row tickets.

— Finally, summer's just getting started, but that didn't stop Saints wide receiver Courtney Roby from playing like it's December. Training camp? Maybe for the team trainers, who surely checked in on Roby after his full-on collision with a field barrier after snagging a pass on the run.

Matt Petersen is the Sports Web Editor for DeseretNews.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheMattPetersen.