More than 200 hundred Kenyans in a small community in Nairobi are now sporting Romney and Paul Ryan paraphernalia.

The Daily Caller reported the Romney campaign recently donated leftover 2012 campaign T-shirts and hats to around 200 children at the Orbit Village Project. Cyndy Waters, who runs the Tennessee-based organization, arranged the donation through her nephew, Alexander Waters, a member of the Romney campaign.

"A T-shirt might seem a small thing to an American teen with a drawer full of many T-shirts," Waters told Buzzfeed. "But we work all year collecting clothing, school supplies, and gifts for our students. The gift of several hundred T-shirts and hats from the Romney campaign was a real blessing to us."

Waters explained that the opportunity to choose between colors and styles is rare for many in the community where her organization operates.

"It was a big deal that they could pick between short or long sleeved and blue and white," Waters said. "For an African youth from such an impoverished area to pick out something new is very rare."

The Orbit Village Project houses hundreds of orphans, children from broken homes and those whose parents are unable to provide for them. The organization not only provides a place to live, but K-12 education, meals and security. While the donations do not represent any political statement, Waters expressed the excitement of many Kenyans as they have followed American politics.

"Kenyan students love to talk about politics and very much admire the way Americans handle elections," Waters said. "President Obama, being of Kenyan descent, has even more so brought American politics into the classroom."

Waters and the Orbit Village Project are open to accepting donations from any campaign or organization.