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VIDEO: Religious freedom advocate Tim Schultz is 'optimistic, but vigilant' about the future

1st Amendment Partnership President Tim Schultz spoke with Deseret News Editor Paul Edwards about his new organization and how it plans to help churches with religious freedom cases.

Tim Schultz, president of the new religious freedom organization — 1st Amendment Partnership — stopped by our offices this week to talk about his organization's efforts to help churches and religious groups promote and secure their First Amendment rights.

Despite cultural challenges religious institutions face when promoting or discussing things they believe, Schultz is "optimistic, but vigilant" about the future of religious freedom.

“We have these great victories in courts, we have laws that are passing all around the country, very strong bipartisan majorities to protect religious freedom," Schultz said in an interview with Deseret News Editor Paul Edwards. "So I think you always in these cases have to look at the threats and you have to look at the reasons to be optimistic as well.”

As Schultz put it, the First Amendment Partnership is “an umbrella group for the nation’s faith communities as they work together on religious freedom public policy issues and messages surrounding those public policy issues.”

Watch his interview with Edwards below.


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