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"We had so many plans" fiancee of slain band singer mourns loss

SALT LAKE CITY — Mariah Borg said she and her fiance, Brad Hancock, and their son had big plans for the coming year.

The three were scheduled to move into their new house in Layton next week. Their son, Sonny, is about to turn 1 and Brad, a skateboard enthusiast, was excited to get him his own board. And, after three years of dating, Mariah and Brad were going to be married next year.

But on Saturday night, Hancock was shot and killed after allegedly kicking out a man who tried to pick a fight with his younger brother at a concert venue where Hancock's band was playing.

"I just still don't really know how to process it. I just woke up this morning and looked at the baby and started bawling because he wasn't there. It sucks so bad," said Borg while fighting back tears, still numb from what happened. "He took everything from me. The love of my life. The person I should have grown old with. The father of my son....We had so many plans."

Quincy Earl Lawson, 20, of Magna, was arrested early Sunday for investigation of homicide. He is accused of firing multiple shots in the parking lot of At The Core, 1444 S. 700 West, striking two people.

Hancock, 24, of West Point, was hit and killed. Hancock and Lawson had been involved in an argument inside the venue that spilled into the parking lot, according to Salt Lake City police. Hancock was the singer of the band Close Grip, one of the opening bands at Saturday's concert.

Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Robin Heiden said that Hancock and Lawson "kind of knew each other" prior to the confrontation, but did not believe there was a close bond.

Borg said Hancock and Lawson were not friends, but he knew who Lawson was. She said Lawson was known for being trouble, but no one thought he would shoot anyone.

A second man, believed to be one of Hancock's bandmates, was shot in the foot. That person was treated and released at the scene by paramedics.

Borg said Hancock left their home Saturday about 5 p.m. to go to the show. A few hours later, a relative called her with the tragic news.

"'Mariah, this is really going to hurt you. And I'm really sorry, but Brad's gone,'" she was told. "And I lost it. I didn't know what to do. I was pacing back and forth, I didn't believe it."

Borg was told by those who were at the concert that Hancock was sticking up for his younger brother, who reportedly had gotten into a dispute with Lawson inside the venue.

"Brad wasn't going to have that. So he escorted him out, told him to leave. And I guess it escalated from there," she said. "(Lawson) decided that he needed to take somebody's life."

Lawson was arrested during a traffic stop in Nephi. He and another person in the vehicle with him were returned to Salt Lake City police headquarters for questioning. The second man was later released, according to police.

Lawson has a relatively minor criminal history in Utah, according to state court records. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, an infraction, in 2013. Recently, he pleaded guilty to shoplifting in October in exchange for intoxication charges being dismissed.

On his Facebook page under the name "Quincy Dre," there are several pictures of Lawson flashing gang signs. In one picture he is pointing his finger like a gun. In another he is holding an actual gun to his head. In many of the photos he is wearing a red shirt, sweatshirt, hat or bandana. Police said Sunday they did not believe the shooting was gang-related.

In addition to music and skateboarding, Borg said the biggest passion in Hancock's life was their son.

"He was my best friend. He was amazing. He was even more amazing with our son," she said. "He was just proud of him. He was really proud of him."

Borg said now Hancock wanted to teach his son to play guitar in addition to how to skateboard. Now, she plans to write memories of him in her journal for their son to read when he's older.

A website to help raise money for Hancock's young child was set up at

"I hope (Lawson) gets what he deserves. Because Brad didn't deserve that. He was going in such a good direction," Borg said.


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