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Letter: Unnecessary solar woes

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Last summer, I installed solar panels on my home and now produce most of my own electricity. Now, Rocky Mountain Power wants to charge me $4.25 per month for my initiative in producing this clean energy.

Currently, Rocky Mountain Power's energy production predominately relies on burning coal, a huge source of air pollution. Among all Western utilities, Rocky Mountain Power is the single largest source of air pollution. My solar panels offset some of that dirty energy with pollution-free solar power.

I used my own money to buy solar equipment. But the benefits of my personal investment accrue to many Utahns in the form of reduced air pollution and the creation of clean energy jobs right in Utah.

Why does Rocky Mountain Power seek to penalize me and other solar energy producers for investing in Utah's renewable energy resources? I'm very concerned that this solar penalty will stop some customers from "going solar" and impede progress toward renewables across the grid.

Come on, Rocky Mountain Power! Are you really interested in helping to solve the problem of dirty air in Utah? Or must you always look first at increasing your profit margin, whatever the cost to the environment? Which is it?

Robert Nohavec

Park City