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The Clean Cut: Man dies hours after marrying, wedding video captures 'heartbreaking fairytale'

Rose petals, pearls and satin are among the traditional trappings of matrimony, so it's no surprise that they make an appearance in a wedding video that's attracting attention on social media. However, it's the groom's nasal cannula, IV catheter and hospital gown that have touched viewers of Rowden and Leizl Pangcoga's wedding footage.

Rowden and Leizl had planned to tie the knot on July 8, according to the video's description. But in the midst of planning their perfect day, the couple learned Rowden had stage IV liver cancer. Cramming preparations that can take months into just 12 hours, the couple held a ceremony on June 11, just 10 hours before Rowden died.

The wedding footage, uploaded by Rowden's brother Hasset, was posted to YouTube June 18. More than 6 million people have viewed what Hasset describes as "a heartbreaking fairytale."

"Our family would like to thank the Main Man up above, Jesus Christ, for orchestrating this very inspiring story. And for giving us enough time to give Rowden what he wanted and show him how loved he was," Hasset wrote in the video's description.

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