People are really into messaging apps right now. That includes programs like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook messenger.

According to The New York Times’ Mike Isaaac and Michael J de la Merced, this is because of culture’s shift to sharing content across mobile devices.

“The most popular apps that sustain themselves day after day, month after month, at the top of the leader board are messengers,” said Fred Wilson, who invested in Kik, a messaging app popular among teens. “That’s a reflection of what people do on their phones.”

Texting might be fun to do with friends, but studies say it could hurt your relationship. According to a study from Brigham Young University, too much texting can cause a disconnect between couples. For example, one partner will feel annoyed or upset by the constant texting, and thus not respond to their partner, the study said.

Texting also lessens the amount of face-to-face interaction between partners, which can also hurt the relationship, according to the study.

“Reaction to disappointment and reality testing occurs more quickly face to face,” one of the BYU researchers, Jonathan Sandberg, said. “There is a narrowness with texting and you don’t get to see the breadth of a person that you need to see.”

But there are some texting apps that’ll help your relationship. It may not always encourage face-to-face interaction, but it could inspire new and different ways of texting, which could help you avoid the aforementioned disconnect.


Cost: Free

This is the go-to app for messaging couples. Send your significant other a text they’ll enjoy, or even use the unique Thumbkiss feature, which allows you and your partner to share a virtual kiss by hitting the same spot of your screens simultaneously.


Cost: Free

This app allows you to store all the videos, photos and texts you’ve shared with your partner. You can also share secrets, songs and even voice messages with each other, providing a unique experience to messaging your loved one.


Cost: Free

If you’re interested in chatting with your partner privately, then Avocado is the app for you since it’s designed specifically for couples to share their messages privately. It also allows you to share calendars and lists with each other, helping partners stay up to date on their schedules.


Cost: Free

Between is another messaging app for you and your partner that saves private photo albums, texts and lists. It also keeps track of the weather, which can help couples plan out their weekly events.


Cost: Free

Photos aren’t your style? Glide is a video messaging app for you and your partner. Send your partner the funny jokes and things you see, making their day a little brighter.

Send with Love

Cost: Free

Driving down the road and need to send a quick text to your love? Try the Send with Love app, which allows you to store different text responses to send to your lover. The app includes texts like “I love you!” and “I miss you!,” which are perfect to send to your loved one during the day — even when you’re busy.

Love SMS

Cost: Free

Need to send your significant other a love poem or quote? Love SMS will help you do that. The app comes installed with love quotes, poems and stories to send to your partner. It also has some cute and mushy text messages for your partner’s reading pleasure.

Love Emoji

Cost: $0.99

Sometimes, the pre-installed emojis just aren’t enough for you and your partner. But the Love Emojis app gives several emoji stickers to send to your loved ones, including hearts, flowers and love letters, which can all be posted in your texts.


Cost: Free

Turn your relationship upside down with FlipText, which literally makes you type out your texts upside down. You and your partner will probably have a blast sending these texts back and forth to each other.


Cost: Free

Did you know Instagram has a messaging service? Just click the upper right portion of the app and you’ll be in a direct messaging application. Instead of simple text messages to your partner, you two can send lovely photos back and forth, which will help you see a little more into each other’s days.


Cost: Free

Yes, Snapchat has faced scrutiny for privacy issues in the past, as Deseret News National’s Chandra Johnson reported. But the app, much like Instagram, offers partners a chance to send photos back and forth in a creative way. Want to make your spouse laugh? Snap a selfie and draw a mustache on your face. That’ll do.

And for the single ladies ...

Invisible Boyfriend

Cost: $25/month

This is for the single ladies. The boyfriend app costs $25 a month, but it does give you all the makings of a real boyfriend. You’ll get the texts and smartphone interactions you’ve always wanted from a boy you barely know. But be careful what you wish for.


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