Even though Mitt Romney officially declined to run for president in the 2016 election back in January, talk of him swooping in at the last minute has continued to bubble underneath the surface, this time coming from The Washington Post.

In light of the Washington Post article, Deseret News video interns created a video highlighting the man who some Republicans say may be their new hope.

The Deseret News reported just two months ago that Romney supporter Kirk Jowers, formerly of the Hinckley Institute, said some Republicans would possibly call for Romney to enter the race.

"It's all just talk now," he said. "But the perceived demise of a few of the more legitimate candidates and the continued rise of the more marginal candidates are making scenarios where it's plausible the party could look to Romney to save it."

It looks like more people are agreeing with taking Jowers' stance.

The Washington Post reported that, due to "growing anxiety" about either Donald Trump or Ben Carson taking the GOP nomination, some Republicans say certain members of the GOP "party establishment" are looking to pull Romney into the race.

"For months, the GOP professional class assumed Trump and Carson would fizzle with time," The Washington Post reported Friday morning. "None of that happened, of course, leaving establishment figures disoriented."

Romney, it seems, is seen by some as a last hope to Republicans hoping to win the 2016 election, the Post reported. If he doesn't come back, will someone else come out of the woodwork? Or will Trump and Carson battle it out for the GOP nomination?

Only time will tell.