The news is filled with pictures of horrific car accidents, but Zero Fatalities wants to fill the media with a new kind of image.

Those interested can show their support of seat belts by submitting a picture to the Zero Fatalities "Buckle Up You Must" contest. The photo should either inspire others to put on their seatbelt or explain why someone chose to wear theirs.

The contest ends November 30th.

Each person who submits a photo has a chance to win tickets to "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" through November and to be one of five grand prize winners at the end of November.

Three of these grand prize winners will be "people's choice" and receive 8 movie tickets each. The two others — one for "most creative seat belt support" and one for "most Star Wars-esque support of seat belt use" — will receive 15 tickets and food vouchers worth $75 each.

Those interested in entering the content and joining the fight against road fatalities can submit information and a photo to Zero Fatalities here.