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20 best wake-up songs, according to science

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Musicians as diverse as Coldplay, Bill Withers and Carly Rae Jepsen share something in common: They have hits that could make your battle to wake up in the morning a bit more winnable.

That's according to music psychologist David M. Greenberg of the University of Cambridge and City University of New York, Tom Barnes wrote for Mic. Green partnered with Spotify Monday to release a 20-song playlist of effective music to help people wake up.

Nathan McAlone wrote for Business Insider that Greenberg and Spotify's data team decided on three characteristics the songs needed: music that builds, positivity and a strong beat.

The process proved difficult, though, Greenberg told Mic, because fighting tiredness in the morning differs from most moments people encounter each day.

"It's kind of a tricky situation because waking up is a pretty unique event," Mic quoted Greenberg as saying. "You're starting out in a tired, grumpy, cranky state. For most of us it's a struggle, and you're trying to go from that state to a state where you're feeling alert, energetic and optimistic about the day at best."

Still, the orchestra of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida," the drum kicks in Katrina & The Waves' "Walking on Sunshine" and just the title of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" should reveal the science in listening to music, Sarah Jacoby wrote for Refinery 29.

"Science shows that music affects us in all types of ways, including emotionally, physiologically and in the brain," Refinery 29 quoted Greenberg as saying. "The right music — like 'Viva La Vida,' by Coldplay, with its positive energy and strong momentum — can help you wake up, get energized and tackle the rest of your day."

Check out the full playlist below.

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