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What's new: DVD shares the life of Elder James E. Talmage, author of 'Jesus the Christ'

"James E. Talmage: The Story Behind 'Jesus the Christ' "
"James E. Talmage: The Story Behind 'Jesus the Christ' "
Covenant Communications

"JAMES E. TALMAGE: The Story Behind Jesus the Christ," Three Coin Productions and Covenant Communications, $14.99, 35 minutes

The life and legacy of LDS apostle James E. Talmage is one of significance, especially to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His brilliant mind, deep testimony of Jesus Christ, dedication to the gospel and significant writings have blessed the lives of millions of LDS members and missionaries. A new DVD by Covenant Communications titled "Jame E. Talmage: The Story Behind Jesus the Christ" examines the life of Elder Talmage and the pinnacle of his work, the book "Jesus the Christ."

The 35-minute DVD gives a fairly complete life sketch of Elder Talmage's life, starting with his birth, through his upbringing, successes, challenges, education, apostleship and writing of "Jesus the Christ." It contains interviews with Brigham Young University history professors, the editor of "The Essential James E. Talmage" and Elder Talmage's great-granddaughter, and also has dramatized excerpts from Elder Talmage's own journal.

The DVD is a celebration of life, and the focus is an incredible figure in modern LDS history. The video moves fast and is not afraid to highlight the spiritual aspects of Elder Talmage's life. A touching story about Talmage risking his life to save a sick family is wonderfully compelling. In the video, professor Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, professor of church history and doctrine at BYU, said, "The reason we see so well today is because we stand on the shoulders of giants, and Elder Talmage is one of the giants of the Restoration."

"Jame E. Talmage: The Story Behind Jesus the Christ" helps viewers gain a greater appreciation and understanding of Elder Talmage. The DVD shares how incredibly smart he was, how and why he was so educated and how he explored faith from a scientific perspective. He felt that the gospel held truth and truth was the ultimate goal of science. Talmage is quoted in the video as saying, "Within the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is room and place for every truth, thus far learned by man or yet to made known."

The production of the DVD takes a documentary style, and it is professionally filmed and edited. It is excellent for families and armchair historians.

"Jesus the Christ," one of the best-selling LDS books of all time, was published in 1915.