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BYU's Vocal Point, Noteworthy release interfaith a cappella video

Brigham Young University's Vocal Point and Noteworthy teamed up with Faith Counts, a nonprofit, nondenominational organization that shares messages of faith, to create a music video for their a cappella arrangement of "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful."

Although the video includes clips of the two a cappella ensembles performing at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' movie set near Goshen, Utah, the video focuses on a Nativity scene from the perspective of a young girl.

The music video's inspiration came while director Jed Wells was watching his children's Primary program at church, and he began wondering what the Nativity would look like through the eyes of a child.

"I wanted to illustrate the simplicity of the faith of those who were there that night, who followed the star or something more ineffable, and found the young family there," Wells said. "I would assume that some of them, even after they came and saw and left, weren't entirely sure what they had witnessed, but I believe it changed them."

Noteworthy member Alyssa Flake said she felt "blessed" to be a part of the video. "I felt like I was walking through the streets of Bethlehem, and that experience helped me feel a deeper connection to that night in Bethlehem so long ago of the Savior's birth," Flake said. "There was a feeling of peace there."

Faith Counts consists of more than 70 contributors from various denominations all helping create content and spread the word about the value of faith.

"The beauty of Faith Counts is that we're able to showcase contributions from our many faith partners and individuals across the country," said Faith Counts spokeswoman Kerry Troup. "Each has a unique way of expressing the power of faith in their own lives. We love working with the talented students and staff at BYU to create inspiring messages, and this beautiful Christmas video is no exception."

The organization posted the video Monday to their YouTube page. They created the video as a "beautiful reminder" to inspire "people of all denominations to look inward and reflect on the value of faith in their own lives this holiday season," according to the video's description.

"I don't dare to presume that this media is in any way comparable to the events of that night, but I believe that an offering motivated of the right spirit can have the power to affect change," Wells said. "If not the world, certainly a good heart or two."

Alex Johnson writes for the Faith and Family sections of


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