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High school swimming: Skyline sweep at 4A meet proves extra sweet for Eagles coach Joe Pereira

PROVO — Although Skyline coach Joe Pereira had won multiple swimming championships, the two his Eagles won Saturday at BYU proved extra special for the veteran coach.

First and foremost, the victories were memorable because of his swimmers, who were relatively young as a group entering the year but finished out with the appearance of seasoned veterans.

"We had so many young swimmers step up, freshmen and sophomores that really rose to the occasion, and I couldn't be more proud of them," Pereira said. "And then the juniors who brought them along — they all came through."

The effort put forth by Pereira's young group was perhaps exemplified best by Megan Prince, who wasn't one of the team's top finishers but really showed what this year's team was all about.

"Megan's effort, as a sophomore, is one that really sticks out to me," Pereira said of Prince, who finished fifth in the 100-yard breaststroke. "She was so determined to get on that stand, and she did. That was her dream to get there and she did it."

Overall the Skyline girls (330 points) didn't win any individual gold medals, but placed high enough to break away from second-place Highland (275). Key to the overall victory was a team win in the 200-yard freestyle relay.

"We lost 14 seniors who were top swimmers for us off last year's team. Five of them are now swimming for Division I colleges," Periera said. "It was supposed to be a rebuilding year, but our young freshmen and sophomores, and everyone else, they had other ideas."

It was largely the same story for the Skyline men (321 points), who won convincingly over second-place Murray (208) and third-place Kearns (204.)

"The sophomores off of last year's team really stepped up this year, as juniors, this year," Pereira said. "It was great to see and they really came together."

Standouts for the Skyline men included gold medalists Mckay Chamberlain (100-yard freestyle), Adam Shelton (100-yard backstroke) and Cole Jackman (100-yard breaststroke.) The Eagle men also took gold medals in the 200-yard freestyle relay and 400-yard freestyle relay.

As for Pereira, who was named the boys coach of the year, Saturday's two championships brought a couple of special milestones to his already stellar career.

"My father-in-law (former Cyprus Coach Darwin Killpack) was here in the stands watching, and he coached his teams to 14 state titles," Pereira explained. "I went in with 14 titles, so now I finally passed him. And I also passed former Murray coach Larry Swim, who had 15 titles."

"Both of those guys were huge influences to me, and really two of my mentors, so to pass them is an incredible accomplishment for me," Pereira added. "I wouldn't be where I am without both of their influences."

4A state swimming championships

Girls day two results

Final team standings: 1. Skyline, 330; 2. Highland, 275; 3. Wasatch, 181; 4. Sky View, 179; 5. Judge Memorial, 158; 6. Springville, 153

100-yard butterfly: 1. Anna Shum, Judge Memorial, 1:01.22; 2. Annika Israelsen, Sky View, 1:01.32; 3. Gabrielle Beard, Woods Cross, 1:01.43; 4. Shelby Dibble, Skyline, 1:01. 54; 5. Rachel Finley, Wasatch, 1:02.03; 6. Tyler Stephenson, Highland, 1:02.18

100-yard freestyle: 1. Phebe James, Wasatch, 52.41; 2. Claire Brooks, Skyline, 52.45; 3. Nichole Mertz, Springville, 54.14; 4. Megan Brimhall, Sky View, 55.22; 5. Abigail Stallard, Provo; 55.41; 6. Aleah Griffin, Skyline, 55.78

500-yard freestyle: 1. Eva Gontrum, Highland, 5:12.03; 2. Meghan Rainier, East, 5:19.94; 3. Danica Butler, Spanish Fork, 5:24.27; 4. India Phillips, Highland, 5:27.61; 5. Abigail Morris, Springville, 5:27.93; 6. Ashley Pickford, Corner Canyon, 5:29.51

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Skyline (Claire Brooks, Katie Canova, Bailey Bills, Aleah Griffin) 1:40.24; 2. Highland (Tyler Stephenson, Sarah Berg, India Phillips, Eva Gontrum); 3. Maple Mountain (Emma Harlan, Kiera Barton, Alix Hartley, Makayla Cazier) 1:43.23; 4. Woods Cross (Gabrielle Beard, Rebecca White, Maylin Kingston, Amber Neuenschwander) 1:43.79; 5. Mountain Crest (Cate Olsen, Sarah Scott, Hailey Checketts, Shaylee Sorensen) 1:44.29; 6. Sky View (Lainey Bingham, Brynn Gibbons, Lexi Stimpson, Megan Brimhall) 1:44.84

100-yard backstroke: 1. Zoe Phillips, Highland, 57.17; 2. Makayla Cazier, Maple Mountain, 58.48; 3. Ali Dibble, Skyline, 1:00.12; 4. Sarah Fillerup, Skyline, 1:00.21; 5. Kiki Karahalios, Skyline, 1:00.72; 6. Megan Brimhall, Sky View, 1:02.97

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Madelyn Flower, Murray, 1:06.41; 2. Tyler Stephenson, Highland, 1:09.49; 3. Caroline Yannelli, Judge Memorial, 1:09.75; 4. Rebecca White, Woods Cross, 1:09.90; 5. Megan Prince, Skyline, 1:09.93; 6. Bella White, Olympus, 1:10.10

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Highland (Zoe Phillips, India Phillips, Makayla Harris, Eva Gontrum) 3:39.57; 2. Skyline (Aleah Griffin, Bailey Bills, Ali Dibble, Claire Brooks) 3:40.16; 3. Wasatch (Rachel Finley, Ria McCarthy, MaeLin Sorensen, Phebe James); 4. Springville (Abi Maccabee, Sydney Wilcox, Abigail Morris, Nichole Mertz); 5. Judge Memorial (Sara Shum, Marcela Vasquez, Erin Morgan, Caroline Yannelli) 3:48.12; 6. Sky View (Anna Olsen, Megan Brimhall, Annika Israelsen, Olivia Christiansen) 3:48.89

Boys day two results

Final team standings: 1. Skyline, 321; 2. Murray, 208; 3. Kearns, 204; 4. Springville, 174.5; 5. Woods Cross, 142.5; 6. Mountain Crest, 124

100-yard butterfly: 1. Mitchel Hawley, Woods Cross, 52.03; 2. Chad Patterson, Wasatch, 52.14; 3. Patrick Nordstrom, Highland, 53.27; 4. Mitchell Walker, Kearns, 53.66; 5. DA Steed, Skyline, 53.86; 6. Jed Christeson, Orem, 53.97

100-yard freestyle: 1. Mckay Chamberlain, Skyline, 47.31; 2. Josh Skabelund, Timpview, 48.72; 3. Jaron Nelson, Box Elder, 49.18; 4. Walker Giles, Kearns, 49.21; 5. Nicholas Hill, Roy, 49.29; 6. Cody Larsen, Murray, 49.87

500-yard freestyle: 1. Connor Anderson, Springville, 4:40.78; 2. Christopher McClain, Springville, 4:50.34; 3. Stephen Western, Olympus, 4:51.83; 4. Nick Pryor, Highland, 4:54.66; 5. Parker Gardner, Skyline, 4:54.66; 6. Blake Goodsell, Olympus, 4:56.39

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Skyline (Mckay Chamberlain, Mathew Beseris, Max Trevino, Adam Shelton) 1:26.61; 2. Woods Cross (Mitchel Hawley, Mitch Neuenschwander, Robert Steagall, Luke Glissmeyer) 1:29.86; 3. Springville (Jacob Anderson, Brock Hargett, Christopher McClain, Connor Anderson) 1:30.08; 4. Murray (Kurt Healy, Gage Milligan, Cody Larsen, Tyler Nielsen) 1:30.34; 5. Wasatch (Chad Patterson, Ian James, Paul Fitzgerald, Jaden Mickelson) 1:31.68; 6. Roy (Cayden Corbett, Cole Smith, Tyler Owens, Nicholas Hill) 1:32.42

100-yard backstroke: 1. Adam Shelton, Skyline, 51.97; 2. Carter Gratton, Murray, 52.69; 3. Adam Edwards, Mountain Crest, 54.82; 4. Connor Morgan, Judge Memorial, 54.88; 5. Walker Giles, Kearns, 55.19; 6. Jacob Andersen, Springville, 55.38

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Cole Jackman, Skyline, 59.60; 2. Kurt Healy, Murray, 59.71; 3. Wyatt Graham, Salem Hills, 1:00.69; 4. Cayden Corbett, Roy, 1:01.97; 5. Nathan Van Buren, East, 1:02.90; 6. Jake Stout, Bountiful, 1:03.92

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Skyline (Adam Shelton, Max Trevino, DA Steed, Mckay Chamberlain) 3:11.48; 2. Springville (Connor Anderson, Brock Hargett, Jacob Anderson, Christopher McClain) 3:14.23; 3. Kearns (Cason Cutshaw, Austin Snow, Mitchell walker, Walker Giles) 3:20.50; 4. Murray (Carter Gratton, Jonah Black, Gage Milligan, Tyler Nielsen) 3:20.56; 5. Highland (Patrick Nordstrom, Andy Silver, Nick Pryor, Josh Whisenant) 3:21.17; 6. Sky View (Rylan Hellstern, Aiden Meek, Jon Watts, Landon Spring) 3:23.32


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