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New Murray center to offer eye care, dermatology services

MURRAY — A new University of Utah health clinic in Murray hopes to bring eye and skin services closer to patients.

The Mid-Valley Health Center will open on March 2 and give patients access to services through the Department of Dermatology and the Moran Eye Center. The center gives patents easy access with its location just north of Fashion Place Mall at 234 E. 6100 South.

Tim Tingey, director of administrative and development services for Murray, said the city is grateful to have the facility.

"We have strong medical facilities in our community and this is just additional value that will help people come in and help them in the healing process," he said.

The noted that the accessibility is also important.

"It's close to the freeway, I-215, not far from I-15," Tingey said. "The location is just ideal for this type of facility in the valley."

The Mid-Valley Health Center is a consolidation of existing leased offices in the valley. The first and second floors of the new building will be dedicated to the Moran Eye Center.

Brent Price, administrative director of the Moran Eye Center, called the center a "one-stop shop" for glaucoma, cornea or ophthalmology needs.

"All of the services that you would get at the main Moran Eye Center would be here," Price said, adding that it's important to bring services to the patients.

"We built this so that we could really get closer to the populations and have all of these services," he said. "Plus we built it with the ability to expand so we have the chance to grow."

Price said the U-shaped floor plan with rooms designated for each step in the appointment was chosen with efficiency and patient accessibility in mind. Dark borders around furniture, walkways and doorways as well as patterned carpet were chosen to help those who are visually impaired navigate the center.

John Zone, chairman of the dermatology department, said the center on the third, fourth and fifth floors will be the largest in the valley.

"We do the dermatology at University Hospital, which is about 15 examining rooms, and there's 50 examining rooms here," Zone said.

Services will range from melanoma, skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema and more.

"We are going to have a number of centers of excellence where we will have real expertise in every area of dermatology," he said.

The new Mid-Valley Health Center is a center for individual diseases and cancers, general dermatology and skin cancer surgery. "Basically every component for the care of skin," Zone said.

The center will also have clinical trials on-site.

"(We're) trying to bring the most recent and cutting edge treatments to this site," Zone said. "This is the best dermatology facility in the world."