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LDS family releases Spanish translation of 'Glorious'

SANDY — In February, a Spanish translation of "Meet the Mormons" premiered in Mexico, and thanks to an LDS family from Utah, Spanish-speakers around the world can also enjoy "Glorious," a song made popular by the film, in their native language.

Carola Miller is from Concepcion, Chile, but now lives with her husband, Matthias, and their three daughters in Sandy. After recognizing the lack of inspirational music available in Spanish, she felt inspired to translate “Glorious.”

“The song is so beautiful in English, and for someone who doesn’t understand, like my parents, they listen to the song in English and they say, ‘I feel something; it’s just so special,’ " said Miller, who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was 15. “But when my mother listened to the translation in Spanish, she was tearing up.”

Miller likens listening to the original version to how she felt when she came to the United States and attended sacrament meeting in an English-speaking ward.

“I felt the Spirit, but I couldn’t understand the things, so it wasn’t a deep, 100 percent kind of feeling,” she said. “So when you put that whole entire meaning together with the beautiful music, it just comes together more beautiful and the stronger the feeling.”

Miller's determination to translate the song increased when she awoke one night at 3 a.m. with a strong feeling that she needed to try. She has never considered herself a talented translator, but with the help of her husband, she began translating the song, hoping others might “also share in hearing and sharing their singing expressions of this beautiful song — in Spanish.”

The Millers originally planned to have their daughters, Seli, 18; Desi, 17; and Ari, 15, record the song on an iPhone, but when the translation took more effort than they expected, they broadened their horizons. The Millers sought the help of their friend Masa Fukuda, director of One Voice Children’s Choir, who agreed to accompany the girls in a video.

The vision for the video continued to expand when Matthias remembered a former colleague who had encouraged him to have a professional music video of his girls’ recorded. He enlisted the help of this friend's brother, who is a professional videographer.

Another family friend offered to let the group record the video in their home with their grand piano.

“So the pieces kept coming together, although at both a higher level than we had initially foreseen and in a much more lengthened out process,” Mathias Miller said.

The girls, who call their performing group Elenyi, hope their cover can touch the hearts of Spanish-speakers everywhere.

“I just hope that people can feel that Spirit and that when they listen to it they can feel the meaning,” Ari Miller said. “I want them to be able to listen to it and understand the meaning of the song and to be able to feel that light and that meaning.”

The Millers recognize that their rendition would not be possible without the work of Stephanie Mabey, who wrote the original song, and David Archuleta, who recorded a version for "Meet the Mormons." They are also grateful for the inspiration they received as they set out to translate it.

“It’s like a symphony,” Carola Miller said, referencing lyrics from "Glorious." “And everyone is part of the symphony, and they make the melody together. That’s how this beautiful song came to here. David Archuleta sang the song, and then a lot of other people made covers of the song, and then we had this impression to do it in Spanish. So I think it’s amazing how people are coming together.”