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20 ways to make yourself more likable at work

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Being liked is a huge component to job satisfaction and ultimately makes going to work everyday that much easier.


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The average American employee spends 47 hours a week working, according to Gallup. That means a lot of time with co-workers (hope you like your job), so let's get right to the point. Here are 20 things you can do to be your best self at work and get along better with others.

Be honest, Alexandra Anderson writes for hellogiggles.com. Kindly and simply tell someone else if you need something and be free with praise.

Be on time, Anderson continues. “Do whatever you need to do to be as punctual as possible,” particularly if you’re finding yourself slipping into the habit of running late.

Don’t gossip, Anderson says. Sometimes you’ll have to listen to it, but you don’t have to pass it on.

In that same vein, when a co-worker confides personal information to you, keep that confidence, as the West Virginia Department of Education advises.

“Be a 'yes' person,” Anderson writes. You don’t have to wear yourself out doing everything for everyone, but “be a team player.”


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Be interested, Anderson says. Find ways to feed your natural curiosity and passion for what you do and let that show to others.

Don’t interrupt, as Joshua Steimle writes for Forbes. “People aren’t impressed when you talk, they’re impressed when you listen.”

Be a professional, Anderson suggests. Share your wacky jokes and karaoke skills outside of work.

On that note, watch potentially harassing comments or actions. Don’t make questionable jokes or “suggestive comments,” as the West Virginia Department of Education says.

Give proper credit for others’ ideas, WebMD suggests. Even when you’re offering new ideas, those still in some way build on work that others have already done.


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When there’s a problem, “count to 10,” WebMD says: Take time to step back and carefully consider how you will proceed. Then approach the issue with “I” statements, framing your concerns in questions from your point of view, asking for help and input, rather than accusing or attacking with, “You always do …”

RealSimple recommendsplaying devil’s advocate,” or simply trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

While you’re imagining yourself as someone else, also imagine yourself as a more positive person. Learn the “power of charm,” as family and marriage therapist Tina Tessina told RealSimple.

Here’s an easy and quick tip: Smell the lavender, RealSimple says, by keeping a small bottle of lavender oil with you in a bag or your desk. “This works to reduce anxiety, and staying calm can help you get along better with others.”

Consider keeping mints or a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag or desk, too. Something as simple as bad breath, notes Forbes’ Steimle, can stop a good conversation in its tracks.


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Career expert and blogger Alexandra Levit writes about four ways you can annoy people at work. Flipped to their positive angles to focus on how not to annoy, these tips include learning and remembering others’ personal details, responding to requests (for example, be on top of those emails!), keeping your co-workers up to date on how you’re coming along with your assignments and projects, and giving others your full attention.

Finally, as career expert Lindsey Pollak writes, “Obey the golden rule. From the youngest to the oldest employee at your organization, everyone wants respect. Treat everyone of every age how you hope to be treated.”

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