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The future may be unknown, but it's always nice to have a plan for the unthinkable. For example, Utahns live where many faults are present and are therefore likely to experience earthquakes; there have also been overflown rivers during extremely wet months, and mudslides, not to mention blizzards that make traveling inconceivable.

During any type of disaster, the need for food, water and shelter are necessary to survive. Bring peace of mind to your family with these emergency options that will help you prepare for the worst, save a little cash, and keep you well fed in case anything does occur.

There are many options out there for food storage, and emergency food supplies, but most people agree having some is better than having none. A quick and lightweight option for a crisis may be a 4-day emergency food supply that is perfect for two people, like the one Family Storehouse offers.

There are plenty of food and drink mixes that are sealed in Mylar pouches and packed in a 3-gallon pail, all weighing less than 10 pounds. It can even be stored in a trunk for quick access on the road. See the deal.

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