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7 auto deals for the everyday car owner

SHARE 7 auto deals for the everyday car owner

These auto deals can help with the everyday expenses your car carries.


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There are many different car people. There's the retro car guy, who buys and restores old 1920 Model Ts; the mini van/SUV mom who is always driving carpools to school, soccer, football, violin and dance; the college student with old pizza in the back and 24 empty cups from Starbucks; then the new parents who are trying to learn how to install all the fancy car seat knickknacks.

No matter what category you fit into, there are needs that every car owner must meet, from mechanical updates, oil changes, sticker renewal, to just keeping it clean. Make it easier on yourself and your wallet with these 7 deals perfect for your automobile.

Engine and Brakes

Have you ever been slowing down, and hear the unwanted and awful sound of squeaking coming from your brakes?

Regular wear and tear of your disc brakes can lead to bigger problems in the long run. Having your brakes serviced and looked after can keep from bigger problems down the road.

Additionally, your engine needs the lubrication of oil to keep itself running smoothly and not working harder than it needs to. Continually keeping up with your oil changes is a great way to satisfy your car's engine. With Taylorsville Meineke Car Care Center, you can get the care you need for your disc brakes, and oil changes all with a trusted name and friendly department. See the disc brake deal. See the oil changes deal.

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