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When most people stop and think about their mothers, a warm feeling of love spreads through them. Mothers spend their time staying up late to help with homework or comforting their sick little ones.

They plan, organize and schedule to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and enjoying activities like sports, music lessons, and play dates. Mothers tidy up the house, clean runny noses and kiss scraped knees.

Mothers are the best, and there is one day (on the calendar) that helps remind everyone to think about these wonderful women in their lives.

Give back a little love, pampering, or adventure to your mom with these six gifts that she'll be grateful for while also being proud that you learned to be economical.

Horses and dinner

For the animal and nature lover, Rocky Mountain Outfitters offers a package deal that is perfect to try at least once.

Your mother will enjoy a horseback ride through the lush Heber Valley while enjoying views of the mountains, flowers and trees.

After the trail ride, guests are treated with a delicious barbecue of foods that will make your mouth water. Let your mom delight in something new, or something she loves with this adventure. See the deal.