Mitt Romney may not be running for president again, but that doesn't mean Mormonism isn't making an impact on the 2016 race.

Take Marco Rubio, for example. While he may not be Mormon now, he converted to the LDS Church briefly as a child, something he is not brushing under the rug as he tries to win over voters in Nevada.

According to a recent article by Elena Schneider for Politico, Rubio said in his book "American Son" that he converted to the LDS Church when he was eight years old and living in Las Vegas, but had returned to Catholicism by the time he was 13.

Rubio has been talking with some of Nevada's leading political republican and LDS leaders, Schneider reported. Some of his supporters include Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison.

"Rubio is subtly leveraging his LDS background to build support in Nevada, where the state’s LDS community isn’t huge ... but represents an influential constituency in Republican politics," wrote Schneider.

Romney benefited from the LDS community's support back in 2012, Schneider said, support that could help make a difference in Nevada for Rubio.

For more, read Elena Schneider's article on Politico.