PAYSON — Last week, we shared a video of Shannon Christensen Abbott's mommy version of the song "Hallelujah." At that time, her video had been seen over 2.5 million times. As of September 27, her video had been seen over 3 million times on her Facebook page.

Abbott's success didn't end there. 100.3 WNIC, a radio station based in Michigan, shared her video on their Facebook page September 22 and by September 27 it had over 28 million views, making the total views between the two videos over 30 million.

Abbott isn't just riding on her past success. She has already posted a new song to Facebook and YouTube — this time a mommy version of Paul McCartney's "Yesterday."

She will also soon be recording a studio version of her mommy "Hallelujah," Abbott wrote on Facebook.

"I'm excited and nervous cause I've never recorded in a real live studio before!" Abbott wrote. "I'm going to be filming it too so you guys can experience it with me! We'll go on this fun ride together!"

For more of Abbott's videos, check out her YouTube page.