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Bronco's victory lap, Cosmo on the field and hugging the ref: A look at BYU's celebration after wild win over Nebraska

Down one with one second left, the ball at the 42-yard line and a true freshman quarterback at the helm, BYU came away with an improbable win after Tanner Mangum found Mitch Mathews on a game-winning touchdown pass as BYU knocked off Nebraska 33-28 on Saturday.

The play stunned the crowd in Lincoln, Nebraska, as well the Nebraska sideline, while BYU's sideline erupted in celebration as well as the players on the field.

Terenn Houk hugs the referee

The best celebration may go to tight end Terenn Houk, who immediately turned to the first person he saw, and that happened to be the field judge, who had his hands raised in the touchdown signal.

Mendenhall's victory lap

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall was perhaps the happiest person on the field after the game. Mendenhall raises his hand and sprints around before hugging his players following the the game-winning touchdown.

Bronco Mendenhall going nuts. #BYUvsNEB #ThisisY

— KYLE F GUNTHER (@GuntherKFAN) September 5, 2015

Afterward, the celebration went to the locker room where the smile never left.

Meanwhile, Cosmo, BYU's mascot, ran on the field in celebration too, joining the pile at the goal line, where Mathews had caught the ball.

It was a memorable first trip to Lincoln in BYU history.