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Letter: Canceling games wrong

As a longtime, diehard BYU sports fan, I was nonetheless impressed with the job Larry Krystkowiak had been doing at Utah. However, that is no longer the case following his incredible decision to cancel the Utes' competition against BYU. It is really difficult to believe and accept such an ill-advised decision from someone who has been involved with competitive basketball at the highest levels of the sport for most of his life. It speaks extremely poorly of him, and athletic director Hill, to cop out and cancel future games between two rivals who have been playing each other for more than 100 years! Mature and experienced adults would have taken more thoughtful and wise steps to correct any perceived serious frictions between the two opposing university programs. For the life of me I cannot figure out what really caused Coach K and Dr. Hill to take such a ridiculous, radical step. Canceling future competitions is not the answer. Reasonable people have gotten together and resolved such circumstances in a peaceful manner for centuries. Surely that precedence should apply in this case.

Gary Wood