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Colbie Caillat to perform in Park City on Oct. 14 as a part of her acoustic tour

SHARE Colbie Caillat to perform in Park City on Oct. 14 as a part of her acoustic tour

PARK CITY — Two-time Grammy winning singer Colbie Caillat will be performing in Park City on Oct. 14 as a part of her first ever acoustic tour and will feature songs from her album "The Malibu Sessions," which was released on Oct. 7.

Caillat said in a phone interview with the Deseret News that she had always wanted to do an acoustic tour. It seemed to be a perfect fit for this album, she said, especially now that she’s on her own label, PlummyLou Records.

“I put this album out under my own label," Caillat said. "I have more control of everything and the tour that I want to do and the show that I want to do. It’s just so much more laid back and the freedoms are so wonderful. Performing acoustic is just so much fun."

Caillat said that the main differences between this acoustic tour and her normal tours is that the acoustic tour will be a more quiet, stripped-down show with lots of harmonies and more space to work with on the stage, allowing for a more intimate show that will be more like a storytelling music night.

Caillat's most recent visit to Utah was a few weeks ago at a private show in which Caillat said that she was surprised at how many people were there and how many of them knew every song and she’s excited to return to Utah.

“I felt they were all relatable and really friendly, which helped me feel like I could let my guard down and be more open with everyone,” Caillat said.

The tour will feature music from her sixth studio album, “The Malibu Session.” It's partly inspired by Paul Simon’s 1986 album “Graceland,” where the former member of Simon & Garfunkel went to South Africa and spent time recording with South African musicians in order to create the album, she said.

The album was also inspired by her love of classic rock that she grew up listening to, which included artists such as Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Steve Miller, Caillat said. In tapping into classic rock with this new album, Caillat hopes that her older audience will like it and also hopes it will bring a new light to the younger generation who may not have grown up listening to that music.

“Ultimately I just wanted to record an album that was raw and organic and made me feel the way those songs from the '70s, the classic rock songs that I grew up with listening to, made me feel,” Caillat said. “The memories that I have when I listen to them still to this day brings back memories from my childhood — going to the beach in Malibu, hiking with friends, barbecuing in the back yard with my parents, or whatever it may be. I was hoping that it could be that for people. Even if you live in a rainy, cold part of the world, it could maybe bring a little sunshine into your life.”

The album was written four years ago and captures the vulnerability that is felt in relationships as many of the songs are about the ups and downs she has had in her relationship with her fiancé, Justin Young, as well as telling the stories of what her friends around her have gone through, according to Caillat.

The lead-off single from the album will be “Never Got Away,” which Caillat said is her personal favorite song on the album as she felt she was able to successfully write a song in the vein of singer Bonnie Raitt.

The tour began on Oct. 8 in Napa, California, and will conclude on Nov. 2 in Atlanta. The show in Park City in Oct. 14 will be at Eccles Center for the Performing Arts and will feature the opening acts of High Dive Heart and Justin Young, who will also perform in Caillat’s band. Information is available at colbiecaillat.com.

If you go ...

What: Colbie Caillat's The Malibu Sessions Acoustic Tour

When: Friday, Oct. 14, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Eccles Center for the Performing Arts, 1750 Kearns Blvd, Park City

How much: $60

Phone: 435-655-3114

Web: colbiecaillat.com

Email: adroge@deseretnews.com